Die Kosten für Betriebsmittel einkalkulieren

Calculate the cost of supplies

You should make sure your business is generating a net profit in order to be sustainable. If you're spending more on expenses and supplies than you're making in, the lash business isn't going to last very long. That's why it's so important to find out how much each service is costing you and where you can save money.

To calculate this, you should consider the following:

  • How many products do you use per set?
  • How much do you spend on your material?
  • How much does it cost to run your eyelash salon? (Don't forget the rent, additional material like the eyelash bed, light etc.)

It can be difficult to pin down an exact number for these questions, but you can get an idea... You're not just a lash stylist, you also need to be a businesswoman, an effective marketer, a representative of your brand, and more.
You also have to think about your wages, shouldn't they be as high as possible? 😊

Pricing for your service

Below is a list of costs to factor in:

  • Material costs per customer (e.g. glue for CHF 55, which lasts for 1 month and you can use it for a maximum of 50 customers per month. The cost of the glue per customer is therefore CHF 1.10),
  • Rent (the total amount should be divided by a maximum number of customers per month, or a rent per day approach can be used. Example: the rental cost is CHF 600, the number of working days per month is 20, the rent per day is = 600 / 20 = CHF 30 per day If you receive 2 customers per day, the rental cost per customer is CHF 15)
  • Depreciation of equipment (lamps, beauty beds/chairs, etc.)
  • Gasoline, electricity and water costs (same calculation as for rent)
  • Mobile phone bills (same calculation as for rent),
  • Further training (same calculation as for rent),
  • Insurance (same calculation as for rent),
  • Costs for accountants / trustees (same calculation as for rent),
  • Cleaning costs (same calculation as for rent),
  • salaries and wages.
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