What are pre-made lash fans?

In the case of finished eyelash fans or tufts of eyelashes, the individual artificial eyelashes are previously glued by hand to form an eyelash fan. The approach of the eyelashes at the base of the tuft of eyelashes differs between short and long feet. Short feet are finer with a smaller sticky point, while long feet provide more sticking surface.

So what are the benefits of pre-made fan lashes?

You can achieve a smooth volume look for your clients in no time! The finished eyelash fan makes lengthening quicker and easier because manual fanning is no longer necessary. Simply peel off the eyelash fan from the eyelash strip, dip into the adhesive dot and apply directly.

All Jashara eyelash fans are made exclusively from Korean PBT. All Jashara eyelashes are vegan and cruelty free. The eyelash trays are hygienically packed & sealed.

Glamorous look thanks to eyelash extensions!

False lashes are a great way to add that WOW factor to your look.
But which option is right for you?
With so many different styles and types of lashes on the market, it can be difficult to find the right one for you. Here's a short one
Guide that has the right answer for every need.

What types of eyelash extensions are there?

What methods are there for eyelash extensions?
There are many different ways to lengthen the natural eyelashes by using artificial eyelashes in order to achieve a sweeping, thick and dramatic look.

The two most common methods in eyelash studios are the 1:1 method and the so-called volume technique or Russian volume .

1:1 method / 1:1 technique

In the classic 1:1 technique, as the name suggests, one artificial eyelash is glued to one natural eyelash. The number, length and thickness of the artificial eyelashes varies and achieves different looks. This treatment is very time-consuming (approx. two hours) because between 60 and 150 artificial eyelashes are applied with the eyes closed. This technique is particularly suitable for customers who already have strong natural eyelashes.

Volume technique / Russian volume

Unlike the 1:1 method, this technique helps you fill in the gaps between sparse, natural lashes. The volume lashes give the lashes a softer, thicker appearance and increase the expressiveness of your gaze. You can choose between 3D – 10D lashes, depending on how dramatic you want your lashes to be.
If you opt for the 3D volume technique, three artificial natural hair lashes are applied to each natural lash; with 6D accordingly 6 and so on.

All natural eyelashes are subject to natural hair growth and fall out when they have reached the end of their growth phase. With them you will also lose the artificial eyelashes applied to them. Therefore, a first refill is recommended after about two weeks to prevent gaps in the lash fan.

Hybrid eyelash technique

The hybrid eyelash technique is a mixture of classic and volume eyelash extensions. It was designed to add extra texture to the look of the eyes.


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    - Dilan

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    The lashes are just great like everyone else. They are super easy to remove from the strip and very easy to attach. The durability is great too. I can only recommend.

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