8D XL Tray NARROW Fans

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500 pcs. finished fans in 8D quality in strength 0.05 and curvature CC, maximum time saving during treatment!

500 pcs. handmade eyelash fans sorted in XL tray box

▪ Maximum time savings!
▪ For an evenly distributed look
▪ Ideal for treatments with many natural eyelashes
▪ For an optimal lash line and a lot of compression
▪ Beautiful blackness at the roots
▪ Also suitable for beginners
▪ Made from the highest quality materials
▪ No more sorting necessary
▪ Can be applied directly from the box

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JASHARA LASHES ® XL Tray Premade 500 Narrow Fans of the highest quality controlled according to EU standards.

NARROW FANS are ideal for treatments with many natural lashes. In any case, you will achieve a lot of compression and a beautiful blackness at the base and at the tips, for an optimal lash line.

Would you like to save time and work more efficiently? Then convince yourself of our XL Tray Premade Fans! Designed for quick and easy application, these lashes are guaranteed to work up to 50% faster than traditional volume lashes. No more sorting necessary, the compartments can be applied directly from the box! The pre-made fans make it easy to get a nice, evenly spaced look - even for beginners!

The products are made from the highest quality materials and controlled according to EU standards

Guaranteed time savings!



Cost for a complete set - CHF 10 (for approx. 200 eyelashes)

Cost per refill - CHF 5 (for approx. 100 eyelashes)


Did you know that clients are willing to pay more for a treatment if they can receive it in less time? Our pre-made Russian volume fans are there to save time for both the client and the eyelash stylist to reduce. If you have more time, you can treat more clients per day or sit back and relax. And the best part is that with the time you save, you make even more money!

PS Have you ever noticed that customers with oily skin come back with their compartments closed for refills? With pre-made lashes, that's no longer the case! The subjects remain open until refilled.

What are pre-made lash fans?

In the case of finished eyelash fans or tufts of eyelashes, the individual artificial eyelashes are previously glued by hand to form an eyelash fan. The approach of the eyelashes at the base of the tuft of eyelashes differs between short and long feet. Short feet are finer with a smaller sticky point, while long feet provide more sticking surface.

Zeitersparnis garantiert

Du kannst in kürzester Zeit eine geschmeidigen Volumenlook für deine Kundinnen erzielen! Durch den fertigen Wimpernfächer wird die Verlängerung schneller und einfacher, da das manuelle Auffächern entfällt. Einfach den Wimpernfächer vom Wimpernstreifen abziehen, in den Klebepunkt eintauchen und direkt applizieren.


Nein, unsere Wimpern werden aus PBT (Polybutylenterephthalat) oder PET (Polyethylenterephthalat) hergestellt. Diese Fasern sind gut verträglich und haben den Vorteil, dass sie nur sehr geringe Feuchtigkeit aufnehmen, farbecht- und robust sind und wie echte Wimpern aussehen. Daraus lassen sich tiefschwarze- oder hochglänzende Drama-Lashes aber auch natürlich wirkende semimatte Wimpernextensions herstellen.

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  • TOP QUALITY ★★★★★

    I love your products =) Really great to work with. Your products are really great. No burning, no sticking. Thanks for the great products. I'm super happy. =)

    - Jasmine

  • The eyelashes are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! ★★★★★

    I have tested the eyelashes and will now recommend them. I've tried many in this price range but these are beautiful and the durability is very good. Absolutely delighted for the price.

    - Dilan

  • TOP PRODUCTS ★★★★★

    The lashes are just great like everyone else. They are super easy to remove from the strip and very easy to attach. The durability is great too. I can only recommend.

    - Elaine

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  • Perfect lashes

    Hygiene, professionalism and quality of work are our top priority! The eyelash products used comply with the latest European regulations and quality standards.

  • Safety & Quality

    Jashara eyelash products are tested and approved according to EU standards and MSDS. The products are not tested on animals and vegan.
    (Registered & approved in Switzerland and the EU according to REACH, CLP and the BfR regulation)

  • Formaldehyde & latex free

    Our eyelash adhesives meet maximum safety standards and are legally registered cosmetic products.

  • Shipping faster

    Delivery time:

    CH with you in 1 - 3 days
    EU in 3 - 6 days with you


    CH/EU from 7 EUR/CHF

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Jashara is the inexpensive professional brand for lash stylists.

As a lash stylist with more than 20 certifications, I have tried numerous products. Unfortunately, I was dissatisfied with the quality of eyelash products and the corresponding price.

After no suitable products could be found on the market, we founded Jashara to make quality products available at fair prices.

In the meantime, we at Jashara have grown into a community. We celebrate successes together, support each other in exchange and with tips for our daily work.

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