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This "airtight" sealable glue container is essential to keep your eyelash glue fresh and ready to use for longer. Stop wasting glue by storing it incorrectly! Storage is the be-all and end-all for your eyelash glue!

This large glue container offers enough space to safely store three 5g bottles of eyelash glue. The adhesive is protected from sunlight, excessive moisture and other environmental influences. Also ideal if you want to use different glues for different eyelash styles or moisture levels, durability is guaranteed to be improved.

The container has an airtight lid to protect the glue optimally. Best kept with the attached silica gel packet to reduce indoor moisture, replace silica gel every month! By holding down the "Press" button and closing the lid, excess air is pressed out of the container and a vacuum is created. To open and close, the "Press" button must be held down.

Store your glue properly with the Jashara Airtight Adhesive Storage Container!


Whether eye gel pads or micropore tape, we carry the entire range for daily use in eyelash extensions.

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In our shop you will find everything from applicators to glue shakers - a paradise for each of you.

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We attach great importance to the quality of the products. Shop everything you desire in our tools section and create the perfect working environment in your studio.


Can my customer use eyelash serum even if he wears eyelash extensions?

Yes, eyelash serum is a MUST, but only a hormone-free eyelash serum can eliminate all negative side effects.

The perfect result of eyelash extensions (you probably already know that) are healthy and stronger natural eyelashes.

The natural eyelashes of the customers are supplied with our serum with all important vitamins and nutrients and are therefore optimally cared for, for the best possible basis, which is required for eyelash extensions!

Should I use a cleanser instead of a primer before treatment?

The use of a cleanser or primer depends on different situations:

• The condition of the natural lashes: What is the porosity of the client's natural lashes? High, normal or low? Porosity is the condition of the cuticle of the hair.

• Type of environment: In summer we do not recommend using an alcohol-based primer, as this induces the drying time of the eyelash glue and there is hardly any time to wrap the natural eyelashes properly during the treatment

How quickly can I get my product?

The delivery time from the order date is:
1-3 days for Switzerland
3-6 days for EU countries

Can I pick up the products on site?

Yes, daily from the Au SG warehouse, from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Mon-Fri

The order must be placed in the online shop so that the items can be prepared for collection. MUST pre-register!

Do you also deliver to the EU?

Yes. We deliver throughout Europe

  • TOP QUALITY ★★★★★

    I love your products =) Really great to work with. Your products are really great. No burning, no sticking. Thanks for the great products. I'm super happy. =)

    - Jasmine

  • The eyelashes are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! ★★★★★

    I have tested the eyelashes and will now recommend them. I've tried many in this price range but these are beautiful and the durability is very good. Absolutely delighted for the price.

    - Dilan

  • TOP PRODUCTS ★★★★★

    The lashes are just great like everyone else. They are super easy to remove from the strip and very easy to attach. The durability is great too. I can only recommend.

    - Elaine

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  • Perfect lashes

    Hygiene, professionalism and quality of work are our top priority! The eyelash products used comply with the latest European regulations and quality standards.

  • Safety & Quality

    Jashara eyelash products are tested and approved according to EU standards and MSDS. The products are not tested on animals and vegan.
    (Registered & approved in Switzerland and the EU according to REACH, CLP and the BfR regulation)

  • Formaldehyde & latex free

    Our eyelash glues meet maximum safety standards and are legally registered cosmetic products.

  • Shipping faster

    Delivery time:

    CH with you in 1 - 3 days
    EU in 3 - 6 days with you


    CH/EU from 7 EUR/CHF

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As a lash stylist with more than 20 certifications, I have tried numerous products. Unfortunately, I was dissatisfied with the quality of eyelash products and the corresponding price.

After no suitable products could be found on the market, we founded Jashara to make quality products available at fair prices.

In the meantime, we at Jashara have grown into a community. We celebrate successes together, support each other in exchange and with tips for our daily work.

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